Maryville College students can access a number of applications typically found on College-owned classroom and lab computers on student-owned personal devices as well. These applications can be added to and accessed on your personal macOS computer by following the instructions below.

  1. Download and open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store.

  2. Click the Workspaces tab in the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, then click Add Workspace.

  3. Enter your Maryville College email address in the E-mail or workspace URL field.

  4. After the workspace is found, select Add User Account from the User Account drop-down list.

  5. Enter scots\ followed your username in the Username field, provide your password, then click the Add button. Your username is the part of your email address prior to the @ symbol.

  6. Click the Add button after returning to the Add Workspace screen.

  7. The available apps will now be listed. Double-click an icon to launch an application.

  8. In order to access files located on your personal macOS computer within the apps, click on the gear icon followed by Preferences.

  9. Click the Choose Folder... option within the folder redirection section to select a folder on your personal macOS computer to share with the apps.

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